Do you do Weddings?

I get this very often .... people often ask me if I do weddings. 

Well yes!!  of course I do weddings. What kind of Floral Designer aka Creative Floral Officer doesn't do weddings?  The honest and brutal truth is this : I don't take on all weddings .....

 If you come to me and say  ----  "I want  a red rose and baby breath bouquet adorned with bling bling and butterflies and  finish off with purple ribbon,  and  need just a stalk of Sunflower each for my parade of 13 bridesmaids....  and our restaurant would do our floral arch and reception table centerpiece, so you don't need to worry about that. " 

Then I would say NO. No I don't do weddings. Not your wedding. 

But when you love for us to conceptualize and execute the full works, and you ask me "do you do weddings?" 

I said "YES! I do!" naturally :)