New shop. Mother's Day

Dear readers,

Don't panic if you couldn't find us at the corner unit in Pasarbella.

We've actually shifted to another wing of Pasarbella near the south entrance right beside Balloon Blaster and Dutch Colony!


So, it was Mother's Day last Sunday.

We were really busy and hectic through the weekend. Working our ass-off to fulfill all orders from you all.

A BIG THANK YOU to all that supported us!

Nonetheless, I've a piece of advice for everyone.
Maybe you've forgotten that it was Mother's Day because you were too busy at work;

maybe you thought you could just swing by Poppy to grab a bouquet and rush down to your dinner with Mummy dearest because we are at your convenience.

For whichever reason you had, you should bare this in mind.

" All good things come to those who wait "

When you go to the restaurant for a meal, you wait.

When you go to a cafe for a cuppa, you wait.

When you go to the doctor, you wait.

You wait for your turn to come, and your food to be served.

Same goes to getting a nice bouquet for your love one.

You wait for your bouquet to be done. YEAH MAN

If you simply do not wish to wait, at all, get a pre-order. We are just a phone call/email away.

Flower arrangement is an art.

If it takes 23 minutes to complete a Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini.

Guys, give us the time too.

It's all about picking the right blooms and composition to get a nice pretty bouquet done.

Not forgetting your preference and liking.

Sometimes, a long love message too.