Poppy welcomes our first collaborated event at The Summerhouse on 29th March, 2017 for Origins' Launch Party of Flower Fusion Masks! The night was definitely fuelled with endless relays of shutter-clicking & delightful guests enjoying a water colouring session conducted by our creative directive, @sarahlovespoppy !

If you love garden, greens and all things chill - then you will love Poppy's new studio @ The Summerhouse! Such a instagram-worthy place for events!!!

As part of this collaboration with Origins, Poppy had prepared 40 boxes of Floral Masks Gift Kits to be given away to their guests & media. Aren't they lovely looking?


The main highlight of the event was definitely when the guests are invited to try out Origins' latest flower fusion masks: Lavender (soothing), Jasmine (softening), Rose (hydration), Raspberry (refreshing), Violet (nourishing).

If you wish to enquire about collaboration with Poppy please feel free to get in touch with us at For event-related enquiries within The Summerhouse, you may contact

Albion Exclusive Product Launch

In celebration of their 60th Anniversary, the renowned Japanese Skincare brand, Albion had recently launched a luxurious anti-ageing range [Excia Embeage] at The Fullerton Hotel with a crowd of high profile influencers & media at the event. A limited edition Pressed Powder, in collaboration with Bvlgari was also showcased in the exclusive launch.

Oh Yes, we were also there (not for the event), to setup a classic white garden to compliment the pristine brand image. Although we have been busy, the photos are still gonna make their way here!


Flowers are more than just gifts given on special occasions, they serve an even greater purpose to us all – to beautify the spaces we live in. The very nature of flowers and plants has that organic tendency to transform any area, occasion etc. into one that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Here are some ideas you can DIY when you’re hosting a party, event or simply just decorating to impress, that won’t cost you a fortune.

 Source:  Love Maegan

Source: Love Maegan


Move over table runners/linen, foliage is here to lay! That’s right, plants and leaves can be another unconventional alternative to the usual table runners, creating a fun yet stylish look for your table. Simply lay the leaves in a random order, filling the whole table. Place your items on top and you’re good to go! Did anyone mention that this is also good for taking flatlay images?


Have any left over flowers on hand that are too short to fit into a jar and feel that it’s a waste to throw them away? Well you don’t have to throw any of them away! Create a flower chain by sewing through each flower using a needle and a thread. Violaaa! You’ve got yourself a flower chain that can be hung anywhere e.g wall. 

 Source:  Wonderland Sam


Instead of just the usual potted flowers/plants sitting at your balcony, why not hang them! Grab some pots (preferably with handles), secure the sides and base with twine and add your favorite blooms or plants into the pot. Hang them at different height variation to create a visually tasteful look!


Find your favorite vase and place a bunch of flowers inside, or do an arrangement and place them anywhere – your side table, dinner party set up etc. and instantly, your space will light up! Check our website: for flower workshops and classes to enhance your abilities and create a floral masterpiece of your own.

Isn’t this good news to all flower enthusiasts out there? Now that you know some DIY tricks you can do to at your own space, you have a greater reason to get more flowers!

Enjoy styling your space and have a great Monday ahead! 

Repurpose Your Flowers

The joy of receiving a bouquet of flowers or just simply having them around you is unexplainable. However, do you ever feel that pinch of guilt or a waste of money whenever you’ve to throw them away when they start to wither and wilt?

Fortunately, there are a myriad of ways to put those wilting and dead flowers to use – think decorations, gifts or just for aesthetic purposes!

Here are a few ideas to repurpose your flowers.


Love to spice up your space with a rustic and vintage touch? Gather a bunch of flowers, bundle them together and simply air-dry your flowers by hanging them upside down. Always hang them in well-ventilated areas for better drying. In no time, you’ll get beautiful dried flowers to spruce up your place!

Tip: You can place them in a vase, do an arrangement or simply just leave them hanging.

 Source:  Design Sponge


Yes, there are boundless numbers of ideas you can use for your pressed flowers- Frame them, create cards, iPhone casing or just be your own artist. You can refer to our previous post on how to DIY pressed flowers.


Another use for dried flowers is to make Potpourri. They give out an amazing scent and can look just as beautiful as blooms. Simply just throw in a few herbs or citrus fruits, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil and let them dry in the oven. Place them in a pot or bag and you’re good to go!

Tip: Roses are good for making potpourri due to their heavily scented nature.


Adding flowers into candles are also a good way to preserve them. All you have to do is to use melted candle wax to coat any existing candle you fancy, place the pressed flower of your choice onto the candle and paint a few more coats of wax over it. This is a great gift to add that personal touch. 

That’s right, flowers can also be used in nail art! This would be more applicable for smaller blooms. Press the blooms in between a book over night and leave it to dry. Paint your nails with a light base color and once its partially dry; gently stick the blooms or foliage onto the nail and let it dry completely. Once you’re done, seal the whole nail using a transparent topcoat and violaaa! You’ve got yourself a set of beautiful nail art that is inexpensive but yet personal. 

These are just a few ideas you can do to preserve your flowers for keepsake! Don’t limit yourself to just these options! Go out and explore what you can do to reuse them! Let’s not let any flowers go to waste from now on and share these tips with your friends and loved ones. 

DIY Pressed Flower Tutorial

Here's an affordable DIY Project for your weekend - Making Pressed Flowerswhich is an ancient art form. Botanists from both the Greek and Roman periods were known to preserve plants using techniques that continue today. 

Are you ready to get creative with us? :)

How to make your own pressed flowers?


Choosing the right flowers is essential. Recommend to use blooms that are naturally flat in structure, such as pansies, daisies and violets. Preferably not yet in full bloom stage. You should also keep the flowers clean and dry for best results. 

To maintain the vibrancy of colour once pressed, condition your flowers first:
- Submerge the stems in water as soon as you can.
- While underwater, cut the tips of the stems at 45 degree angle for optimum water absorption.
- Transfer the flowers into a clean vase with water.

Note: Pollen tends to stain your petals, so you should snip the stamens of pollen-heavy flowers, such as lilies.



It is the most traditional way of flower pressing, and is also the simplest because we don’t need any specialised equipment. Simply sandwich your flowers in between the pages OR between two sheets of absorbent paper with a stack of books / or weights placed on top.

It is best to use a book with absorbent pages, such as the phone book, as glossy pages won’t be able to absorb the moisture well. Leave the flowers for seven to ten days.


For a speedier approach, sandwich your flowers between two sheets of absorbent paper and lie flat on an ironing board. Note: Empty your iron of water and set on a low setting without steam. Gently press the iron on top of the paper for 10 seconds, without moving it. Allow to cool for 10 seconds. Repeat this until the flowers are dry.


Create your own flower presses using ceramic tiles or wooden boards lined with absorbent paper and then held together with rubber bands.


Once you are done, it's time to get creative with displaying them! A great way to showcase would be framing up the flowers in monochrome glass frame and place them around the floors or hang on walls in your house.

Care Tips for Orchids!

It's Singapore's 51st Birthday Today! Do you know the designation of Vanda Miss Joaquim as Singapore’s national flower was in 15th April 1981, and we are the only nation to have a hybrid as her national flower!

3 Important Care Tips To Remember:

1) Avoid wetting the leaves of Orchids when you are watering them, use a piece of tissue or a cotton ball to remove excess/trapped waters in the leaves.

2) After watering, do not allow residual or standing water to come in contact with the base of the orchid pot.

3) When the last flower drops, cut your flower spike halfway down the stem. A possible rebloom will occur if you continue caring for your orchid! (So never dispose them away just because they have turned "bald").

Good To Know:

Orchids are native to tropical rainforest, but they need not be water several times a week. It is a common mistake that many of the plant owners have committed. Over-watering will kill their roots, so home-grown Orchids only needs to be water every 5 to 12 days.

If you realised that all the blooms have fallen off, but the plant still has healthy-looking, green and thick green leaves that have not wrinkled or drooping, what you should do is cut off the old flower stem up high, right above a "node" which is just below the lowest bloom. The plant shall continue to sprout new flowering branches at that spot.

However if the plant has thin, wilted leaves then we would recommend to cut the flower stem all the way down so that it does not weaken itself by blooming right away. With proper care and some fertilizer, your plan will regain it's shape for future blooming on a new grown stem. Although this may take up to a year or more, do not give up on them! Orchids are naturally a slow-growing plant but there's beauty too during their growing process.

Secrets to unlocking your artistic potential, without spending a bomb!

A little bird once said, every child is born an artist. The problem is remaining an artist when he/she grows up.

As an advocate for creativity, we aim to make it as easy as possible for everyone to enjoy and appreciate the art of beauty of all things around you; namely Mother Nature. And we believe that you can unlock your creativity without spending a bomb through Poppy Flower Market Day.

Top 9 reasons why you should participate in Poppy Flower Market Day (PFMD):

  1. You get to bag home all of your favourite flowers for only a marginal cost!
  2. All flowers are super fresh and guaranteed to last at least 5 days.
  3. Its the only time where exotics and premium blooms from all around the world are gathered together for your picking; imagine the beauty of the world right at your fingertips!
  4. Its always important (and healthy!) to feed you soul some happiness. 
  5. Its a great time to bond with your loved ones (even if you're 5 or 80)! 
  6. Its also a great opportunity for guys to take note of your girl's favourite flowers. ;)
  7. You can unlock your creative potentials and be a floral artist with your selection of blooms!
  8. Really, how often does one gets to handpick flowers in a prime city location, along with some professional guidance & help of professional floral artisans?
  9. As if a flower buffet is not enough, all signups will also receive a $10 Poppy Gift Card which you can use for your next purchase!

Earlybird tickets are available until 24th July, Sunday. 

And remember, Anyone can be an Artist!

Flower Buffet - Flower Market Day

To encourage people to live in flowers, we will be having a Flower Market Day once every few months. It's where you get to pick as many blooms as you like; so long as it fits into the $69 bouquet bag! 

The first would be happening this friday (8th July) at our retail store (Capitol Piazza #02-24). Hop by anytime between 5pm - 7:30pm for a flower buffet session with our wide range of floral selection! First come first serve, we can't wait to see you there.

Get $10 off if you repost the above picture onto your instagram or Facebook together with the caption: [FLOWER BUFFET AT CAPITOL PIAZZA (near Cityhall MRT)- Repost and get $10 off. Visit for more]

Venue: Capitol Piazza #02-24, 13 stamford road, (S) 178905

Time: From 5pm - 7:30pm

Payment: $69 (In-store payment only)

Midyear Specials

In the blink of an eye, we're already in the middle of the year. We figured we couldn't just sit around and have all the flowers to ourselves; not with the GSS and June holidays going on! 

In Collaboration with Super Farmers

Pot-A-Flower Workshop


Available slots: 

24th June 2016 (Friday), 11am - 1pm

26th June 2016 (Sunday), 11am - 1pm


USD 96 for 1 parent + 1 child (5+)

Exclusively available only for the June Holidays on a first come first serve basis!

View workshop gallery!


Amex Exclusives

Poppy Tentcards.PNG

If you're an owner of an Amex Centurium Card, or any Amex Platinum Card

Enjoy 15% off all bouquets / arrangements when you order in store!

Till 31st July only.