Flowers are more than just gifts given on special occasions, they serve an even greater purpose to us all – to beautify the spaces we live in. The very nature of flowers and plants has that organic tendency to transform any area, occasion etc. into one that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

Here are some ideas you can DIY when you’re hosting a party, event or simply just decorating to impress, that won’t cost you a fortune.

 Source:  Love Maegan

Source: Love Maegan


Move over table runners/linen, foliage is here to lay! That’s right, plants and leaves can be another unconventional alternative to the usual table runners, creating a fun yet stylish look for your table. Simply lay the leaves in a random order, filling the whole table. Place your items on top and you’re good to go! Did anyone mention that this is also good for taking flatlay images?


Have any left over flowers on hand that are too short to fit into a jar and feel that it’s a waste to throw them away? Well you don’t have to throw any of them away! Create a flower chain by sewing through each flower using a needle and a thread. Violaaa! You’ve got yourself a flower chain that can be hung anywhere e.g wall. 

 Source:  Wonderland Sam


Instead of just the usual potted flowers/plants sitting at your balcony, why not hang them! Grab some pots (preferably with handles), secure the sides and base with twine and add your favorite blooms or plants into the pot. Hang them at different height variation to create a visually tasteful look!


Find your favorite vase and place a bunch of flowers inside, or do an arrangement and place them anywhere – your side table, dinner party set up etc. and instantly, your space will light up! Check our website: for flower workshops and classes to enhance your abilities and create a floral masterpiece of your own.

Isn’t this good news to all flower enthusiasts out there? Now that you know some DIY tricks you can do to at your own space, you have a greater reason to get more flowers!

Enjoy styling your space and have a great Monday ahead!