The Spirit of 2015

Welcome 2015!  I’m basking in this fresh new year; sitting out on the outdoor patio of my new colonial office, giving a head nod to the past (and to the vast landscape right in front of me!) and plotting the future to an extraordinary start!!


In this upcoming future I encourage everyone (and remind myself) to practice craftsmanship … which is in whatever trade you are doing that is….and believe me, will be a huge game changer ...

The refinement of one’s skill, the desire to offer a better and better product and result each time, and always have the recipient/client in mind and is as much a spiritual as it is a material offering because I do believe it gives all of us here an excuse to personally develop and evolve through our work. From production to shipping to accounting and creative even from a simple act to just plucking some pretty flowers from the garden and making it into an exquisite vase arrangement.


What I meant when I said Craftsmanship’ or ‘Artisan’ .. I relate to the training and development by doing it time and time again… even till end of time.  Well, the practise itself is by far more textured and more in-depth than simply mastering a skill set. It has much to do with developing mastery within oneself. The material one works with becomes an extension of what is primarily an internal process. It also has to do with one’s commitment, through their trade, to others. 

My hope is that, through practicing attention to detail and showing a special care for what we each do as part of the overall effort, we end up offering more than just a product and we end up having a product with soul and receiving more than just monetary.


What keeps us alive is this 'artisan spirit'. It makes each relatively boring and routined task feel important and fulfilling. It helps to draw the focus from the bigger, broader goals and places our foot on those things we have more power to immediately influence. As a consequence, things seem to work themselves out naturally and effortlessly and beautifully.


I’m feeling soaked with gratitude for the opportunity we have to do this thing we do here. So to summarise what’s starting to sound like a Miss Pageant’s toast, I want to express my sincere thanks for your patronage, lovely notes & appreciation and general support. And I want to invite you all to continue to bring bits of POPPY essence and spirit into your 2015. It’s been a great pleasure and honor to serve you and we look forward to more of it in this coming year!


Warmly, Sarah


I saw a rainbow

It has been wet and rainy just few days before the wedding of Hannah & Jonathan.  The big day was also our Singapore National Day!  Just the morning, we hurried down some brekkie and headed towards Raffles Marina... first task on hand is to erect the poles and get the pretty buntings hung up high before the rain hits in.  

Poppy Flora Studio

Poppy Flora Studio

All flags were proudly hung high and flying with the wind. The element persisted; a downpour was inevitable.  We managed to run and hide from the strong blowing wind (we were near the pier-side) and the rain.  Well, the buntings were dried up quickly as the rain subsided after a good 15 mins of blessed showers from Above.

Poppy Flora Studio

Poppy Flora Studio

This shower cooled down the temperature indeed.  Everything were laid out beautifully.  Flowers in the ballroom were magnificent and massive.  Pretty pink crawlers of nerines, temperamental tulips, curcumas and astibes were all sitting aptly to grace the night.

Poppy Flora Studio

Poppy Flora Studio

Poppy Flora Studio

Poppy Flora Studio

Poppy Flora Studio

Poppy Flora Studio

Not only were flowers invited to grace the night, we also created two acrylic ship studded with close to five hundred pieces of Swarovski crystals and over hundred strands of fish strings.  All in the name of making your dream wedding come true.... despite heavy downpours afterwards,  songs were sentimentally and beautifully sung, dances carried through the night and love is in the air...

and  I can see a rainbow; such is truly and happily ever after.

Warmly Sarah



Let's do the flower dance

I love collaborating with my clients. Doing up beautiful weddings and spectacular events.  

While talking through ideas with clients, I love for that "feeling" moment where we really begin to connect and bring forth more inspirations in our discussions. I love that moment with each of my clients. I love also getting to know just a bit more about each client that I work with, and then I can arrange flowers, the concepts and the feel of things in a way that I feel represents them. 

Poppy Flora Studio

Poppy Flora Studio

It will be easy to appreciate if you can understand how we seek to encompass the totality of the works, flowers, the art of arranging and styling.

Flowers changes with the seasons.. so does my inspiration. This is the uniqueness about the flower industry that keeps me going in my work. I love taking inspiration from nature herself and incorporating that into my flower works.  Flowers have always been a part of who I am. I dances with Flowers pretty much :).   My love for working with flowers was spilling out of me, and I really liked that when my client could feel that.

I always like that my work was inspired by nature.  Dance a happy flower dance with nature.  I don’t like to go into a project with a projected outcome, and I cannot let my creativity run in a cookie-cutter mode.  I just let the flowers bloom and be appreciated.  And the best will always and sure to happen.

I work best in moments of unscripted flower mess, and it’s not difficult to see my studio in a big flower mess. Flowers coming to me in cartons and leaving a heap of stems and withering leaves on the floor that I have to step through on wedding and event days.  The excitement of these chaos comes from only one element and that is --- the beautiful flower. 

I thrive on romancing the flowers for weddings and events.  For many it is the only time we welcome the kind of time, effort, talent, and resources that can produce a high level artistic experience into our real lives.. with flowers.

Poppy Flora Studio

Poppy Flora Studio

I've heard someone said - A well composed wedding should be like a movie but better because it can engage all your senses. There should be sections that rise and build, sections that let you wander...climaxes, and rest. It should be a feast for your eyes, ears, nose, tastebuds, body, and soul. It's more than just "decorating" or picking out chairs and linens and flowers. So true....  Every element is deliberate. Every detail is intentional and contributing to the moment. And I want to create moments that move people, and connect them magically to each other and to your event.

I get most excited about creating weddings that are intimate, artful, and spectacular...but in a more understated way.

That's why I don't approach your wedding or any clients'  events like a daily chore - it's a day that is truly special to you and I ike to create that.

If you are on the same page as me, I would be happy to make that connection with you!

Warmly, Sarah

I work with This woman

So here it goes, I am Sarah and she is Heather, we've both came to know each other when Heather was actively looking for a change of direction in her career path.

For an eventful 13 years of my entrepreneurship, I’ve journeyed alone and despite great success, I know I do not want to carry on alone. I craved for a change that would allow me to solely balance off the load and creativity with someone as passionate.   In fact I wanted it to keep going for another 13 good years if not more.   So, I decided to rope in someone who could offer new blood and someone not in the floristry industry.  I clearly know, I needed not just an assistant, BUT a reliable and dependable partner….

Someone, who could brainstorm with me, assist me, and dive into this roller coaster ride with me, in her thoughts, works and comments, all done in good, constructive honesty.

This is Heather, with a trolley full of flowers

This is Heather, with a trolley full of flowers

Heather, in my eyes, is a good craftswoman in paper and fabrics. An excellent self-taught penmen. She shares my loves to create, to feel and connect with nature, the immerse love for flowers and faunas. She is a lover of all beautiful moments and things. Also a keeper of quality and tasteful revelations.

With a couple of years working as a fashion designer, and now as a Floral Enthusiast with me. Heather brings a wealth of expertise in all things visual and experiential.  Her transition into floral and events happened just this one year, having met with me, I found that we have common passions, drive and dreams for the future. What’s more, our expertise complimented each other in infinite ways, and now, she became my “partner in Floral Crimes”. 

We will continue to bring along with us - new interests and musings that we've cultivated along the way.   And my heartest thanks and appreciation for Heather for being able to share this common dream, passion and drive with me and being the woman I work with.

Warmly, Sarah

No greater Love workshop - Blue Mountain Sydney

After many miles ( ok not so many - probably 8 hrs of traveling from our sunny island to Sydney)..

it brings me to NSW, Blue Mountain, Sydney, which has plenty of amazing scenic views.

That’s a seriously undisputed fact.

Blue Mountain Sydney

Blue Mountain Sydney

Some throw backs...

When Leah Kua (a renowned Aussie wedding photographer) decides that I am that Flora Artist she likes to invite to work with her in her  photographic "No Greater Love Workshop"

I was over-the-top excited!  

Truly, this is my first oversea floral project, though I have garnered a 13 years of floral experience.  

Super excited.  

Anyhow.. although I have been living in the urban for the longest time,  I do love the countryside and this Blue Mountain styled shoot has totally made my heart skipped a beat.  

I do wish that time would stop ticking and just freeze!  

My outdoor work station at the house

My outdoor work station at the house

My mess and sushi break - No greater Love workshop

My mess and sushi break - No greater Love workshop

Lovely looking orange autumn trees, this sight, only the eyes can fully capture that aura.

The sweet scent of mountain air that captivated my every senses; the rustic branches by the side of the pavement …

not to mention those amazing houses!

It’s picture perfect.

Kate, founder and editor-in-chief of the beautiful Magnolia Rouge Magazine.

Leah Kua, the photographer and a group of us worked through the inspiration for this workshop.

Basically, this workshop was to inspire every attendee to take the time and soak themselves in the beautiful set up.

Also, to work well with perfect lightnings and to create amazing photographs.

Prepping for my masterpieces.

Prepping for my masterpieces.

I traveled up to the amazing Blue Mountain and we spent a great 3 days there in the pretty much vintage Heatherton House.  

I live, eat, do workshop and do floral set ups there. The floral and faunas we got there in quantity were insane!!

 I did all the floral arrangements and flora styling and installations for the barn door, fire place table centerpieces, wreaths, garlands, bouquets, boutonnieres and many more .  

The gorgeousness of the flowers provided us with a lovely backdrop for the styled shoot.

Tulip bouquet - No greater Love workshop

Tulip bouquet - No greater Love workshop

Step 2; Step 9 for the barn door - No greater Love workshop

Step 2; Step 9 for the barn door - No greater Love workshop

The idea of the shoot revolve around the natural and the organic.

 I worked along side with Kate , in which our work will be featured in magazine's August issue!

Do look out for it! It really was such a valuable and insightful trip, I am glad I made it there!

That bright blue sky - No greater Love workshop

That bright blue sky - No greater Love workshop

Below are some behind the scenes pictures, the real professional pictures are up and coming from all the photographers who attended the workshops and of course a good main set coming from Leah Kua and also some from the photographer who had a hand in doing the Kinfolk Australia - Luisa Brimble.

hold your horses and in the meantime enjoy my amateur shots first !

Warmly Sarah

boutonniere & bouquet - No greater Love workshop

boutonniere & bouquet - No greater Love workshop

Evy - our muse and model; fresh floral wreath - No greater Love workshop

Evy - our muse and model; fresh floral wreath - No greater Love workshop

No Greater Love workshop - The lovely Evy

No Greater Love workshop - The lovely Evy

New shop. Mother's Day

Dear readers,

Don't panic if you couldn't find us at the corner unit in Pasarbella.

We've actually shifted to another wing of Pasarbella near the south entrance right beside Balloon Blaster and Dutch Colony!


So, it was Mother's Day last Sunday.

We were really busy and hectic through the weekend. Working our ass-off to fulfill all orders from you all.

A BIG THANK YOU to all that supported us!

Nonetheless, I've a piece of advice for everyone.
Maybe you've forgotten that it was Mother's Day because you were too busy at work;

maybe you thought you could just swing by Poppy to grab a bouquet and rush down to your dinner with Mummy dearest because we are at your convenience.

For whichever reason you had, you should bare this in mind.

" All good things come to those who wait "

When you go to the restaurant for a meal, you wait.

When you go to a cafe for a cuppa, you wait.

When you go to the doctor, you wait.

You wait for your turn to come, and your food to be served.

Same goes to getting a nice bouquet for your love one.

You wait for your bouquet to be done. YEAH MAN

If you simply do not wish to wait, at all, get a pre-order. We are just a phone call/email away.

Flower arrangement is an art.

If it takes 23 minutes to complete a Rhapsody on a theme of Paganini.

Guys, give us the time too.

It's all about picking the right blooms and composition to get a nice pretty bouquet done.

Not forgetting your preference and liking.

Sometimes, a long love message too.


Do you do Weddings?

I get this very often .... people often ask me if I do weddings. 

Well yes!!  of course I do weddings. What kind of Floral Designer aka Creative Floral Officer doesn't do weddings?  The honest and brutal truth is this : I don't take on all weddings .....

 If you come to me and say  ----  "I want  a red rose and baby breath bouquet adorned with bling bling and butterflies and  finish off with purple ribbon,  and  need just a stalk of Sunflower each for my parade of 13 bridesmaids....  and our restaurant would do our floral arch and reception table centerpiece, so you don't need to worry about that. " 

Then I would say NO. No I don't do weddings. Not your wedding. 

But when you love for us to conceptualize and execute the full works, and you ask me "do you do weddings?" 

I said "YES! I do!" naturally :)