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We are delighted to share with all of you; our new flower dance moves. This brand new syllabus of floral arrangement topics will channel you back to some really lovely and significant time in life.  Learning to establish your flower dance moves with each different epoch given - such as the Victorian times and Dutch period; and also bring you back to dance the Oriental moves. Like we always say, joining our workshop is about taking life to the next level by investing in yourself, finding strength in building relationships, and taking care of your creative self, all while surrounded by abundance of beautiful blooms, beautiful stories and beautiful time.

We will continue our workshops in  our beautiful heritage black & white space at Old Bird Cage Walk, and pulling together gorgeous arrangements with our fellow students when the weekend comes and we are to let loose and enjoy life. This is the time we go to grow, to let our creative mind dance the moves with Nature, to let ourselves off from the demands of our day-to-day work life, and build something beautiful for no other reason than IT FEELS GOOD! Yes, this is the ONE reason why you should come join us in all these weekends therapeutic classes.  Students are free to chose between doing up a bouquet or a table arrangement with each given topics.  Hence, it will help you transfer the creative energy to the elements that you like to embark on.

We breath , and we reconnect, and we take time to notice, to really look at things; beautiful things.  To look at the flowers, to watch them dance in our hands. We strive to make our classes knowledgeable yet enjoyable, and to widen your horizon by bringing you to the vast floral world. This would be the place where we can all tap back into Nature for beauty's sake, and a place we look forward to returning for inspirations and friendships.

So if coming to Poppy is on your bucket list, take the leap!

Class Structure

We have 3 different topics/ lessons in this course. Attendees have a choice of creating either a table arrangement or a bouquet.




Class Duration :  2.0 hrs

Location : 311 Old birdcage walk, #01-05 Singapore 798484

All materials and tools needed for each class will be provided.

Photo session at the end of each lesson.

Students may bring home all their masterpieces.  

* Terms & Conditions

things you learn in our classes

  • Study and understand the art of floral design from 3 different era.
  • The art of floral arranging
  • to understand why arrangements look good and why they do not; using the elements and principles of design
  • to create floral arrangements that fits the time
  • choosing the right flowers for your composition
  • the basic mechanics to build a flower arrangement
  • choosing the right colour palette for your arrangement

How to register

Email us at  poppy@poppy.com.sg


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Individual lesson

$290 per pax

Basic course of 3 lessons

$780 per pax

Class Calendar 2015

1130pm - 2pm

- The Queen Victoria, 15.08.15, Saturday

- The Orient Alliance , 22.08.15, Saturday

- The Dutch Master, 29.08.15, Saturday

- The Queen Victoria, 19.09.15, Saturday

- The Orient Alliance , 26.09.15, Saturday

- The Dutch Master, 03.10.15, Saturday

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Class details

A detailed class information will be send to all registered students only.

Poppy Flora Studio Copy right. Courtesy to Jeremy
Poppy Flora Studio copyright. Courtesy to Jeremy