Christmas workshop 2015

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With Christmas quickly approaching, we are SO EXCITED to formally invite you to take part in our seasonal workshops! We love this opportunity to release the holiday stress that too often accompanies this lovely time of year. Pause your shopping. For a few hours, don't worry about that party. Leave the lists and the busy-ness behind and come away with us for a few hours of peaceful delight. Let your mind run free while you fill your hands with nature's fall and winter color palette. Breath in the smells of dried oak leaves and fresh pine as we guide you through your own creation of a holiday wreath and centerpiece.

This is an opportunity for YOU to enjoy the season, and it doesn't end with the class. When you take your masterpiece home with you, it becomes a gift to others. Every time someone passes through the door hung with your handmade wreath, or glances at your dining room table spread with winter's glory in the form of your unique candle and floral arrangement, they too are blessed by the time you took for yourself to express this holiday cheer........

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Full course of 2 lessons

$550 per pax

one lesson only

$290 per pax


Class Structure

We have 2 different topics/ lessons in this course. You may opt for either one or both to celebrate your Christmas this year!


In the wreath making class, we will be guiding you with a demo on how to built a beautiful Christmas Wreath using all kinds of interesting materials that holds up well for months!


In this class, we will be building a Christmas Table centerpiece as our masterpiece of the day that will be suitable for you to put it on your dining table or in the living room for a taste of warm Christmas!

Class Duration :  2.0 - 3.0 hrs

Location : 311 Old birdcage walk, #01-05 Singapore 798484

All materials and tools needed for each class will be provided.

Photo session at the end of each lesson.

Students may bring home all their masterpieces.  

* Terms & Conditions

things you learn in our classes

  • Reinvent and create and authentic Christmas Wreath from scratch
  • The art of floral arranging in Christmas Theme
  • to understand why arrangements look good and why they do not; using the elements and principles of design
  • to create floral arrangements that fits the occasion
  • choosing the right flowers/materials for your composition
  • the basic mechanics to build a Wreath/table centerpiece
  • choosing the right colour palette for your arrangement to evoke the mood you are after

Class Calendar 2015

1130am - 2pm

- CHRISTMAS WORKSHOP : The Wreath Making, 07.11.15, SOLD OUT

- CHRISTMAS WORKSHOP : The Wreath Making, 28.11.15, SOLD OUT

- CHRISTMAS WORKSHOP : The Wreath Making, 12.12.15, Saturday

- CHRISTMAS WORKSHOP : The Christmas Centerpiece, 19.12.15, Saturday

- CHRISTMAS WORKSHOP : The Christmas Centerpiece, 20.12.15, SOLD OUT

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poppyflorastudio - christmas 2015
poppyflorastudio - christmas 2015
poppyflorastudio - christmas 2015