Poppy welcomes our first collaborated event at The Summerhouse on 29th March, 2017 for Origins' Launch Party of Flower Fusion Masks! The night was definitely fuelled with endless relays of shutter-clicking & delightful guests enjoying a water colouring session conducted by our creative directive, @sarahlovespoppy !

If you love garden, greens and all things chill - then you will love Poppy's new studio @ The Summerhouse! Such a instagram-worthy place for events!!!

As part of this collaboration with Origins, Poppy had prepared 40 boxes of Floral Masks Gift Kits to be given away to their guests & media. Aren't they lovely looking?


The main highlight of the event was definitely when the guests are invited to try out Origins' latest flower fusion masks: Lavender (soothing), Jasmine (softening), Rose (hydration), Raspberry (refreshing), Violet (nourishing).

If you wish to enquire about collaboration with Poppy please feel free to get in touch with us at For event-related enquiries within The Summerhouse, you may contact