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in depth discovery of floral bouquets

Soprano - Bouquet Focus Course conducted by The Poppy Flower School - Sarah@Poppy


Variety and Versatility...

"When you have exhausted all possibilities, remember this: You have not."

- Thomson Edison

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Course Objective

4 Lessons x  1.5 hours - Soprano Bouquet Focus Course (Total: 6hrs) is designed for those who wish to push their limits and knowledge about flower bouquets. You think you've seen everything? But there is always something new in the market and trend is ever-changing. This course is meant to demonstrate the endless possibility in flower bouquets.

You will learn to do 3 different types of flower bouquets:  Hand-Tied, Cascading on Cone & Presentation. All tools & materials will be provided.



Sarah has been teaching and innovating Floral Art for the past 16 years, with a constant fuel to always exceed and redefine all expectations, including her own. Instead of living a life with all the wonderful knowledge to herself and creating a generation of eager artist that hungrily competes with one another, the founder of Poppy wish to foster a community of Creative Floral Enthusiasts. In the world of  florals, Sarah is regarded as one of the masters of nature-inspired design. Her style is not only aesthetically beautiful and artistic; it is always with intent to inspire. 

She has been on several floral exchange programs in Australia, Atlanta, Indonesia and Hong Kong and her floral pieces have been featured in publications such as Magnolia Rouge, Once Wed, Style Wedding, The Wedding Scoop, Her World Brides, Female Brides,Harpers Bazaar, Home and Decor & The Straits Time.

why learn from the flower school?

Poppy is always well abreast of the latest market trends and likes across Europe, America & Asia Regions because it is crucial for a floral designer to research on other markets/ cultures/ trend forecasting/ traditions etc. Such wealth of information will broaden your knowledge and understandings of flowers which becomes a great source of inspiration to harness and giving birth to amazing (and original) concepts.

If you are on board with The Flower School, you can expect to learn the trendiest, latest, as well as the most classic/timeless form of floral art from us. Sarah shall also unravel a side of you that you may never even knew about it. We are here to turn you from a blank canvas into a beautiful masterpiece, whose works shall appeals across borders.

Hear from Poppy's student...


"I've always been a fan of Poppy's flora art, their styles are so unique..Sarah is ever so inspiring to me. It was definitely an eye/soul/heart-opener experience!! Thank you Sarah! Never stop doing what you do best :)"

- Trisha Ong

"Sarah is a great teacher! Her classes are always so fun and she conducted them professionally. I had learned so much from her and I absolutely love the workshop venue at Old Bird Cage!! So artistic and quaint!! Simply LOVELY!!

- Ying Ying

"If you want to learn, learn from the best! I truly believe Poppy Flora Studio offers the best flower workshops/courses in Singapore!"

- Olivia Poon Mei Xuan



since 2000, We have coached OVER 1107 ARTISTS & counting...




“I want to shout out, do what you please, follow your star, be original if you want to be and don’t if you don’t want to be. Just be natural and gay and lighthearted and pretty and simple and overflowing and general and baroque, and learn and learn and learn.

Open your mind to every form of beauty.”

- Constance Spry

Soprano Bouquet Focus Course

USD$900 includes Photography session and all materials and flowers.

Classes are available on Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Limited slots per day, please reserve your slot in advance. For enquiries, kindly email us at poppy@poppy.com.sg.

*If you are unable to attend your class due to valid reasons, please drop us an email with at least 3 days notice for assistance with rescheduling of class otherwise the booked class would be forfeited.You shall complete the class within 2 months; and all deposits & payment for classes are not refundable.

**Upon booking the course: To book for your subsequent lessons, you may do so through this same booking page by keying in your phone number under the discount code box at checkout. You would not have to make any further payment. Please give 1 to 2 working days for the code to take effect.

If you face any technical problems with booking, please email to alexislow@verlocal.com.