Intensive Floral Artistry

Intensive Floral Artistry

from 3,000.00

A progression from our Foundation Class in Floral Design, the Intensive Floral Artistry offers an in-depth approach and education of Poppy's floral philosophy, design and execution. We are here in this class to create not only a floral designer in you but a big hearted creative who could find a fulfilling career and sustainable business in our medium of flowers.

In our sessions, guided by Sarah Poppy, you will be taught practical techniques, skills and strategy. A great deal of the practices will help train your eyes, practise your confidence and develop you into big hearted creatives instead of dwell in fear and comparison. We want to work with you to help you unveil your very own voice and to make that definition and refinement that speaks you.

Each day/session 11am to 2pm OR 2pm to 5pm

Choose your intensive(s):

3 Days – Immerse in Nature S$3000
In the three days you spend here, we will take the all nature approach to floral art. We will tap into areas that will help in removal of mental obstacles, energise yourself and your business, to pushing the boundaries in creation by taking cues from nature and result in a most nature inspired experience with flowers!

3 Days - Foster Your Creativity S$3000
In this class reinvent yourself through the workings of Handheld flowers & Table Centrepieces. We have designed for students who are keen to be empowered to learn more about their unique character in the flower cosmos.

The sky is your limit, there shall be no boundary on your flair and we are here to teach you the skill and help you get clarity to construct your imagination.

3 Days - Large Scale Installation S$3000
An immersive floral class. This one day class, will work drama into a blank canvas. Discovering your ability to define and refine what you have been holding back and waking up to experience that the revolution is real for you in the flower cosmos. All this will be conducted through Designing and Build a Large Scale Floral Art Installation.

9 Days - Bundle Special S$8600
Our intensives are designed to expand on your techniques, knowledge and inward confidence. They can to be taken together, or on its own. They can be built upon and layered on. Each one comes bundled with an objective to take you exploring the flower cosmos more each time.

*If you are unable to attend your lesson due to valid reasons, please drop us an email at least 3 days in advance for assistance with rescheduling. Otherwise, the booked lesson would be forfeited. You shall complete the Intensive Floral Artistry within 2 months; all deposits & payment for the lessons are not refundable.

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