Botanical Watercolour

Botanical Watercolour

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Discover the wanderings and beauty of nature by drawing and painting them.  Our course help to provide a deeper connection and of botanicals and of drawing, watercolour techniques, brushworks, colour mixing, tonal values etc.

Is about defining and refining your aesthetics and discover the artist in you. Our guests will discover and study a new flower or leaf with new eyes for nature and its beauty. 

Our classes are for adults and young art lovers with no prior training.  And allowing our guests to practise their art on a progressive basis.  The courses are designed for beginners and also art-nature enthusiasts. You will be taught how to observe, sketch and paint a variety of  leaves and flowers.

All materials and tools will be provided for your first lesson, we will advise on what you need to purchase by your second lesson.

*If you are unable to attend your lesson due to valid reasons, please drop us an email at least 3 days in advance for assistance with rescheduling. Otherwise, the booked lesson would be forfeited. You shall complete the Botanical Watercolour within 2 months; all deposits & payment for the lessons are not refundable.

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