Poppy apprenticeship programme

Exclusive Recruitment to Poppy + Work & Learn for 30-days + Career Opportunity

*All applicants are required to go through an interview session prior to an offer to become a Poppy's Apprentice.


1. Who should take up apprenticeship programme?

Passionate & Committed flora enthusiasts looking for a Full-time/ Part Time position with Poppy Flora Studio. This 30-day apprenticeship programme is a great opportunity for all who wish to find out how it feels like to be a florist as a long-term career with us.  Apprentice will get to learn, understudy & work with our team. 

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2. WHO is qualified to become an apprentice?

We definitely adore creative & fun-loving souls, but fundamentally - Poppy's apprentice should be a hard-worker with self-discipline to carry out his/her task independently & responsibly. You should be a good team player & we expect professionalism from all of our apprentices (regardless of your age & experience). No prior experience is required.

All interested applicants have to go through a round of interview & be assessed if they are suitable for the programme.

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3. What does an apprentice do?

As an apprentice, you will be tasked to do all kinds of duties which includes - daily housekeeping/ flowers conditioning/ plant care/ serving customers/ operational routines & cashiering etc. You will get to understudy/shadow our team of florists & learn the ropes to be like one. There will be scheduled-opportunities for apprentice to learn 1-1 with Sarah  (Our Founder & Floral Mentor) on flower arrangements & hand bouquets.

If you are lucky, you might even get to join us in our event/wedding setups.


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4. recruitment opportunities

This apprenticeship programme is specially designed by Poppy as part of our recruitment assessment to better sieve out the like-minded & talented individuals to join us. This is not a workshop/leisure course - this is a job assessment programme that we took on seriously.

All apprentices will be evaluated at the end of their 30th shift & shall be assessed if you are suitable to join Poppy Team as a full-timer/part-timer.

Full Timer: 5 Days / Week (including weekends, PH)

Part Timer: Flexible, recommended min 3-4 shifts per month

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*Interested applicants, please send your full resume to poppy@poppy.com.sg

Thank You!