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Master the art of floristry

[*The Business Approach] Intensive Floral Course conducted by The Poppy Flower School - Sarah@Poppy


for the ENTREPRENEUR in you...

Being a good artist and being a big hearted business person are mutually inclusive. YOU CAN BE BOTH.

.  .  .  .  .


Course Objective

Intensive Floral Course covers an in-depth approach of Poppy's floral philosophy, design & execution, as well as how to create a thriving floral business with Sarah. This course compromises of 2 key modules as follows:

Module 1 - Comprehensive Floral Learning (30 hours) / USD $5,900

Andante Floral Foundation (4 classes x 1 hr)

Soprano Bouquet Focus (4 Classes x 1.5 hrs)

Reinvention Creative Floral Focus (4 Classes x 2.5 hrs)

Wedding Intensive (4 Classes x 2.5 hrs)

*The Wedding/Event Intensive's section focuses on the business aspect of servicing client and on-site execution. We are going to guide you through the entire process from closing the deal (manage expectations & pricing), mood board conceptualisation to event's logistic planning, and venue setup. You can expect to have plenty of hands-on practice and case study simulation.



Module 2 - The Business Approach (12.5 hours) / USD $2,000

The Business Approach (5 classes x 2.5 hrs)

[This is an Optional Module for student who are interested in learning the know-hows to run their business as a Floral Designer. Pre-requisite: Student must successfully complete Module 1 - Comprehensive Flora Learning.]

The objective of this module is to help aspiring entrepreneur identify the best business approach for their existing/future brand. We shall educate you on the importance of developing an aesthetic voice, your values & principles as a creative entrepreneur & getting you ready to manage your own team, vendors and clients. The equation to a Sustaining successful business requires a great product and an extraordinary (creative) business mind.

With more than 16 years of experiences in this competitive field, the founder of Poppy Flora Studio has nothing short to share with you on how she gets to where she is today. Some key aspects of the modules are: Business Operations/ Branding & Marketing/ Target Audience & Pricing/ Supplier Management/ Client Servicing/ 1-1 Consultation with Sarah. 



Sarah has been teaching and innovating Floral Art for the past 16 years, with a constant fuel to always exceed and redefine all expectations, including her own. Instead of living a life with all the wonderful knowledge to herself and creating a generation of eager artist that hungrily competes with one another, the founder of Poppy wish to foster a community of Creative Floral Enthusiasts. In the world of  florals, Sarah is regarded as one of the masters of nature-inspired design. Her style is not only aesthetically beautiful and artistic; it is always with intent to inspire. 

She has been on several floral exchange programs in Australia, Atlanta, Indonesia and Hong Kong and her floral pieces have been featured in publications such as Magnolia Rouge, Once Wed, Style Wedding, The Wedding Scoop, Her World Brides, Female Brides,Harpers Bazaar, Home and Decor & The Straits Time.

If you are a floral designer in any stage of your career, a floral business owner, or even a floral enthusiast looking to explore the world of flowers a little more, The Intensive Floral Course will resonate with you.

WHY  learn from The fLower school?

For student who are keen to take up this course, we know you mean business. We only have 1 goal - to help you achieve your dream of becoming a versatile & confident floral designer.  At the end of  your training, we know that you will be ready to start your own business. The Flower School is here to give you a new perspective of floral design, what rules to keep and what to break. We shall impart you the know-hows on floral pricing and supplier management, as well as in-depth learning of composition, colours, textures. Rest assured you be learning the necessary tricks, tips & knowledge on basic of design, installation & execution. Another key aspect that you'll take away from us is how to attract the right target audience for your business, we are pretty sure many florists don't teach you this.

Hear from Poppy's student...


“I’ve been able to view floral art (and the world) at a different level ever since graduating from this Intensive Floral Course. I now see and understand so much more than ever before. I’ve no regrets.”

- Laura G.

“Had I not taken the leap of faith and signed up for this Intensive Floral Course, I’d never have known the endless potential that Mother Nature + Art can bring.

So many possibilities!

I’m now confident to undertake any kind of requests being thrown at me, with style. Thanks Sarah!”

- A.

“Oh wow, It’s so hardcore, I love it!! Unlike any other workshops I’ve been to. I’ve learned so much! Thank you Sarah!! So inspiring!!”

- Mei Yan

"Sarah has taught me whatever I need to start my future flower business. I am grateful for a mentor like her, not many are as knowledgeable, encouraging and FUN! as her. Worth every penny paid for the course."

- Reina Ann-Leong



since 2000, We have coached OVER 1107 ARTISTS & counting...



If you felt that you have not learned/gained anything useful during the first 3 lessons, you can request for a full refund before the commencement of 4th lesson in Intensive Floral Course.

Students will be required to present their works that were done in the first 3 lessons for our professional review. If indeed, your works are falling far from our Poppy's expectations, be assured that The Flower School shall send you a prompt and courteous refund as stated.

The rational for a review is because we are confident that every student who has effectively implement the skills and techniques that were taught in our classes - You will definitely get POSITIVE Results & Progression!  However if you're thinking of purchasing this course without practicing it right, then it shall be inevitable that you won't make any progress. The Flower school is not meant to support "tire kickers"... We establish this programme to groom sincere students and perhaps, this isn't the right place for you.

Our POPPY Community is made up of people who handle their passion, business & life goals in a serious manner; Like-minded individuals who understand the value of recurring success; Creative souls who are committed to developing a great skill sets, develop an aesthetic voice and building a thriving business. These are the people we know will succeed with POPPY. 

Which is why, we urge you to go through the first 3 lessons of the course, implement what we share and begin experiencing the journey...


“I want to shout out, do what you please, follow your star, be original if you want to be and don’t if you don’t want to be. Just be natural and gay and lighthearted and pretty and simple and overflowing and general and baroque, and learn and learn and learn.

Open your mind to every form of beauty.”

- Constance Spry

intensive floral course

Classes are available on Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday. Limited slots per day, please reserve your slot in advance. For enquiries, kindly email us at poppy@poppy.com.sg.

*If you wish to cancel a pre-booked class due to valid reasons, please inform us at least 3 days notice for assistance with rescheduling of class. You shall complete the course within 6 months; any balance classes are not refundable.

Withdrawal of courses has to be done before the 4th lesson of the curriculum, otherwise remaining balance of the course fee is Non-refundable thereafter.

If you would like to enquire more on Intensive Course's Lesson Layout Plan, please send us a request email.

** Upon booking the course: To book for your subsequent lessons, you may do so through this same booking page by keying in your phone number under the discount code box at checkout. You would not have to make any further payment. Please give 1 to 2 working days for the code to take effect.

If you face any technical problems with booking, please email to alexislow@verlocal.com.