This Flower Haus, by Poppy, is Singapore’s upcoming private event space. Whether it is an intimate wedding of your dreams, special celebrations in the year or throwing a truly unique party, there is no place that brings nature in like This Flower Haus.

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Learn the art of flower arrangement

Our courses would help you gain an insight to the blooming industry of what it takes to be a floral artisan.

A solid foundation is key, and we are very confident to lead all our students to their best capacity.

Let us help you unleash the hidden potential, and cultivate the right foundation for a fast-track advancement in your skill sets.



Botanical Drawings

Discover the wanderings and beauty of nature by drawing and painting them. We help to provide a deeper connection of botanicals and of drawings, watercolour techniques, brushworks, colour mixing, tonal values etc.

Define and refine your aesthetics, and discover the artist in you.