Interview with Floral Enthusiast : { Nicole Mak }


Your name: Nicole Mak

Your occupation: Teacher

1. What was the inspiration/ reason for taking up floral arrangement workshops?

I have always adored flowers but admired them from afar. In 2014, it dawned on me that the ability to create beauty from nature is far more captivating. Thus, I decided to take up Sarah's floral workshops which I stumbled upon on Instagram.  I was in awe by Sarah's creations that she uploaded on Instagram that I finally decided to take the leap of faith and join her workshops.
2. You’ve been attending our floral workshops since the 2014, what is the biggest acquisition?

Nicole's masterpiece at the class.

I've learn many things from Sarah and my biggest take-away from her teachings and the workshops is one cannot force nature to conform to your arrangement . We must allow the flowers and foliage "speak" to us before we place them in any arrangement. Sarah's flowers are also unique and unusual - flowers which one won't find at the usual florists' shops.  
3. Share your experience in the workshops with us. Do you enjoy them?

Attending Sarah's workshops are an 'addiction' because they are so therapeutic and when I am immersed in the creation of a bouquet or arrangement, everything else fades away, it's just flowers, nature and new-found friends! Time flies really fast during the workshops and sometimes I don't want it to end ! Sarah also presents different challenges and situations to us during each workshop-I remember the most challenging one was when Sarah gave each attendee a particular flower (mine was the orchid-a flower I hardly venture into) and we had to use that flower as the main bloom.  Though it was challenging, it was fulfilling at the end to know that with Sarah's guidance, I was able to put together a bouquet of blooms with flowers I did not know much off.

Nicole's masterpiece at the class.

4. We always encourage our students to explore their style and potential in floral arranging while giving in depth tutelage, rather than giving them a step-by-step tutorial. Do you find it helpful in improving your floristry skill?

Yes , most definitely ! Step by step tutorial is simply following instructions and not every flower will conform to that instruction. Furthermore it doesn't allow us to think through the process or create the best composition for that arrangement.  Sarah encourages us to work with the flowers of our choice and that allows the flexibility for us to create something different.
5.Do you agree that flowers are essential in our life? What is your favorite thing about floral arranging?

Yes, flowers are a joy to have and they brighten our every living space in the house. Life is stressful enough so having flowers in our lives helps to bring some sparkle back.
6. Describe your style in floral arranging.

I like foliage and twigs .. I think my floral style leans towards the Japanese influence .
7. What has been the biggest ongoing challenge in floral arranging?

it's difficult to start . I get a mental block at times before I can start. Once I am past that ... everything flows naturally!  

Nicole and her masterpiece.

8. What advice do you have to individuals considering picking up floristry skill?

Be brave and try it out. You never know what is in store for you!  It is fun to try something new and acquire a new skill.

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