Interview with floral enthusiast : { Meizhi }


Your name: Wang Meizhi

Your occupation: Fund Manager

1. What was the inspiration/ reason for taking up floral arrangement classes with Poppy ?

Poppy has the exact style that I love for a long time. It's very different from traditional way of flower arrangement. To me, Poppy's arrangement is so natural and each one is like an art piece. I am so lucky to find Poppy online and take the course with Sarah & heather.

2. We’ve learned that you were previously taking classes at the Nobleman School of Floral Design, and switching to our class has been tough at the beginning. Share with us your experience on this change.

I took a year's course with Nobleman where i first started to learn flower arrangement. There was step by step guide to achieve some design shapes like round, horizontal, triangle, etc. While with Sarah, I was shocked that there is no such guide and it was really a challenge for me at the beginning and even now.  

Meizhi foraging her materials at our backyard.

Meizhi foraging her materials at our backyard.

3. Share your experience in the workshops with us. Do you enjoy them? what is the biggest acquisition?

Yes, I enjoy the course a lot and I am so happy that finally I can do some design that's not in a fixed shape.

4. We always encourage our students to explore their style and potential in floral arranging while giving in-depth tutelage, rather than giving everyone a step-by-step tutorial. Do you find it helpful in improving your floristry skill?

It is a challenge to my creativity & imagination, but it is helpful to explore my own style.

Meizhi's masterpiece in class.

Meizhi's masterpiece in class.

5.Do you agree that flowers are essential in our life? What is your favorite thing about floral arranging?

Yes, totally agree. My favorite thing would be learning and spending time with a group of people who share the same interest.

6. Describe your style in floral arranging.

Haha, I am still on the way developing my own style with sarah's guidance. I try to break my old mindset of arranging flowers.

Meizhi's masterpiece in class.

Meizhi's masterpiece in class.

7. What has been the biggest ongoing challenge in floral arranging?

The biggest challenge for me is to present flowers in their best natural way.

Meizhi's masterpiece in class.

Meizhi's masterpiece in class.

8. What advice do you have to individuals considering picking up floristry skill?

There is no fixed rules in floral arrangement. Just follow your heart and you can be a master too.

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