Interview with Floral Enthusiast : { Cheryl Ow }

Photo by  desmondtangphoto

1. Why do you choose to invest in Poppy’s workshop?

Cheryl: 'I chose Poppy because I liked the style of the arrangements. I fell in love with the pictures I saw on instagram and it felt like the flowers all had a life of their own. Whatever the occasion/event that Poppy was hired for, it seemed as though the arrangements brought a certain warmth to the place and I wanted to learn how to do that.'

2. What is it about Poppy workshop that appealed to you?

Cheryl: ' I like that I was allowed to explore my own style and at the same time incorporate/learn Poppy's style of arrangement.  The do's and dont's were of course layed out but I did not feel constricted at all which was great because I did not want to be stuck in a class that was rigid and had the typical style of arrangement that lacked warmth.'


3. Do you think joining our workshop is an investment worthwhile?

Cheryl: 'Yes I feel that it's definately worth the investment.  There's the flexibilty of time, cosy classes in a beautiful setting, I get to play with beautiful exotic flowers and so many of which i hardly see out there in the shops and nurseries. It's also a new found skill.  You can never put a price on skill.'
4. What do you absolutely adore about Poppy workshop?

Cheryl: 'Sarah knows her flowers very well and therefore knows how to work with them for example how she coaxes them into the flow she wants for her arrangements and how to take care of them.'

5. What would you say to anyone thinking of taking the leap to join our workshop?

Cheryl: 'I'd say come and take the leap!  Come with an open mind, into a new world, let go and dance with the flowers.'

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