Interview with Floral Enthusiast : { Yan Hao }

Courtesy to  Desmond Tang Photo

Courtesy to Desmond Tang Photo

Your name: Yanhao

Your occupation: Architect

Poppy: What was the inspiration/ reason for taking up floral arrangement workshops?

Yan Hao: I've always had an affinity for floral arrangements. I came across Poppy's website offering floral arrangement workshops when I was surfing the internet to order flowers for a colleague. The style of arrangements in Poppy's website is similar to two other floral artists' works that I like: Little Flower School Brooklyn and Studio Choo. These studios are all overseas, so I was pleasantly surprised to find a local floral artist offering similar arrangement workshops and immediately signed up for it.

Poppy: You’ve been attending our floral workshops since 2013, what is the biggest acquisition?

Yan Hao: Has it been since 2013! The biggest take away from Sarah's workshops is the introduction to a myriad of floral species uncommonly seen, that makes the arrangement really different from ones we see around commercially. Sarah also uses unusual materials like chicken wire mesh which is a medium I find myself enjoy working with more and more because the wire allows more flexibility to rearrange the flowers as compared to an oasis.

Poppy: Share your experience in the workshops with us. Do you enjoy them?

Yan Hao: Of course! And Poppy's in the nice setting of Pasarbella - great ambience and buzz on the weekends.

Yanhao's masterpiece from our Andante class.

Yanhao's masterpiece from our Andante class.

Poppy: We always encourage our students to explore their style and potential in floral arranging while giving in depth tutelage, rather than giving them a step-by-step tutorial. Do you find it helpful in improving your floristry skill?

Yan Hao: I enjoy the flexibility the workshop offers and it's such a treat to be able to pick any flower that's available in the shop that day.

Poppy: Do you agree that flowers are essential in our life? What is your favorite thing about floral arranging?

Yan Hao: I find myself enjoying the process of picking flowers and arranging them according to the flowers' or branches' form. The experience is therapeutic and the end result, if it turns out nice, is very satisfying.
And I like having fresh flowers in the house.


Poppy: Describe your style in floral arranging.

Yan Hao: I have a tendency to pick the more unusual and "ugly" looking flowers :)
Branches / stalks that stick out awkwardly appeal to me too. I find these "oddities" make the overall arrangement rather unique.

Poppy: What has been the biggest ongoing challenge in floral arranging?

Yan Hao: Bouquet arrangement! It's challenging to maintain the shape of the bouquet with your hands - have to grip on to the bouquet really tightly throughout the process and it's "strenuous" for amateurs like me because I take a long time to complete a bouquet!

Yan Hao with her floral arrangement.

Yan Hao with her floral arrangement.

Poppy: What advice do you have to individuals considering picking up floristry skill?

Yan Hao: Just give it a try! You will find yourself enjoying floral from a different aspect.

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