Interview with Bride/ Floral Enthusiast: { Susy Ho }

Your name: Susy
Your occupation: Executive

Poppy: How did you get to know Poppy Flora and eventually decided engage us as your floral artist for your wedding in August 2014 ?

Susy: My previous vendor terminated our contract 3 months after I've made my deposit (which they never return eventually)  right after receiving their email, I google-d for local florist which Poppy came up in the search.

Upon seeing your style, I sent an email to you guys which you promptly revert and we arranged for our first meet up.

Poppy: Did you have an idea of what you want for your wedding when you first came to Poppy? Do you find flowers as an important element in a wedding?

Way back in college, I was introduced to the world of wedding planning and the many different kinds of theme that wedded couple can use to represent themselves.

I started planning my own wedding ever since even when I haven't met my husband.

I've got a huge collection of wedding books and magazine cut outs on wedding flowers which totally influence me on  the kind of theme I want to use for our wedding.

There are florists which I've source, using very boring and standard flowers to décor up wedding.

Yet there are so many other flowers you could play with to bring out the characters of the couple.

That is why I chose rustic chic for theme with china blue theme that centralise the whole concept throughout the wedding.

Poppy: Share your whole experience with Poppy while prepping for your big day. Did we meet your expectation?

Susy: From the time I meet up with Sarah and Heather, we got along very well, they could read my mind and understand what I want.

Upon seeing the moodboard, I knew they wouldn't fail me.

I've gave Sarah my budget range for her to play with the things she'd like to do for the décor and despite many changes, I knew she could deliver.

In between, I took up their floral arrangement class and I also found out they do wedding styling which I was ever glad that I engaged their service!

From the beginning of my wedding planning, I've wanted to go a la carte.

A vendor for décor , a vendor for flowers..  and so on..

Poppy could do everything in one go. I even hired cupplets whom they have been working together with to do up my dessert booth.

From the floral lessons conducted by Sarah,

 I've learn a lot about their working style and I just told Sarah & Heather to do whatever they want with styling my wedding.

  Poppy: How do you like the outcome of the wedding decoration that Poppy Flora has brought forward?

Susy: Right up to the day before our wedding, I have no idea what they are giving me.

I just looked forward to the surprise which elated me.

My girlfriends commented the floral arrangements, the style and theme is what they want for their wedding,

which is what I seek to inspire other brides to be open to their ideas of what a dream wedding is.

  Poppy: What advice do you have for individuals considering having Poppy Flora to style their wedding?

Susy: Don't control too much and let the ladies work their magic.

too much control, gives you more expectations and you'd find yourself with disappointment.

Since you've hired them, you should give them the freedom and creativity to surprise you.

       Poppy: You’ve attended a couple of our floral workshops too, how was the experience like? What was the biggest acquisition?

Susy: I'll always remember one point that Sarah mentioned before, she don't believe in a specific/proper way to arrange flowers,

everyone has their own creativity and own story to tell when arranging their flowers.  

She doesn't conduct her class in a way where she gives 3 stalks or roses and tells you where you should put and follow her.

She never uses the same type of flowers and she help to let our creativity roam and I feel so proud with my work each time the class ends.

I'm happy we share the same idea of how wedding and  flowers are.

 I am happy that florist like her exist in Singapore.

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