Interview with Floral Enthusiast : { Gwendolyn }


Your name: Gwendolyn Liau

Your occupation: Undergraduate/Student

1. What was the inspiration/ reason for taking up floral arrangement workshops?

First and foremost, I really love flowers it has always been a dream to create my own bouquets and arrangements! It would also be a good skill to have as I would then have the knowledge and ability to customize my desired floral arrangements for my friends and family. I happened to chance upon Poppy’s Instagram page and was very impressed with all the arrangements as they were very unique and artistic and I knew I had to sign up for the workshops!


2. You’ve been attending our floral workshops since the beginning of 2014, what is the biggest acquisition?

Being introduced to a huge range and assortment of flowers and plants other than the conventional ones! Sarah is always happy to share and educate us about the different species of flowers during different seasons, occasions and styles. Occasionally, we would be introduced to interesting and rare species of flowers from different parts of the world.


3. Share your experience in the workshops with us. Do you enjoy them?

Yes! Floral workshops are extremely therapeutic and it has always been great breather from my books and school work. I am always looking forward to the floral workshops and would attend when I’m free over the weekends! We are allowed to be flexible in our arrangements according to our mood and styles, thus allowing us to be creative in our own ways. Besides that, the ambience and environment at Poppy is laid back and definitely apt for a rejuvenating session of floral arrangement.


4. We always encourage our students to explore their style and potential in floral arranging while giving in depth tutelage, rather than giving them a step-by-step tutorial. Do you find it helpful in improving your floristry skill?

Yes, it is more flexible this way and not bounded by rules or guidelines! Flower arrangement is an expression of our mood and it conveys a unique message and would definitely not go well with proper lesson plans or step-by-step tutorials. At the start of the workshop, we would be introduced to different materials we could use for our arrangements (using chicken wire, frog, etc), or the different kind of bouquets(round, posie, cascade, etc) we could do before we start to pick our own flowers. During the process, Sarah and Heather would always be there to give us advices and guide us while we create our own arrangements. Well, being given the autonomy to conceptualize our own arrangements, we are often surprised by our floral masterpieces at the end of the session and it is greatly satisfying!


5. Do you agree that flowers are essential in our life? What is your favorite thing about floral arranging?

Yes! Flowers has been a constant in my life and is often known to have a positive impact on people’s emotions. Flower arrangement is fun and it is a wonderful feeling when you see the different flowers and foliage you’ve picked becoming into an artistic and personalized arrangement! I love bouquet-making classes the most! After every session, there will be a ‘photoshoot’ session for our arrangements and I enjoy taking nice photos of it and am often very satisfied!

6. Describe your style in floral arranging.

I like my arrangements to be a mood booster where it would be pleasant and comfortable to the eye with pastel hues or ‘happy-looking’ flowers. (Probably more towards wedding/whimsical arrangements?)


7. What has been the biggest ongoing challenge in floral arranging?

Probably it would be the initial stage putting the first few stalks of flowers together while visualizing the final outlook of my arrangement.

8.  What advice do you have to individuals considering picking up floristry skill?

It is never too early or too late to pick up floristry as a skill. Don’t be afraid, you will be amazed and surprised by your floral creation after the workshops! It’s definitely a useful skill that would come in handy and a therapeutic hobby that would be a good way to uplift your mood amidst our hectic lifestyle.

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