The Batik Experience, 20 July

The Batik Experience, 20 July


20 July, Saturday
5 to 6 pm

Batik is a traditional art form that uses wax-resist dyeing applied to cloth to produce patterns or more commonly known as “motifs”. It’s widely practiced in Indonesia and can also be found in other places such as Africa and certain areas of Asia. The Batik People hopes to create awareness and appreciation for this traditional art form into the modern society through our batik workshop.

Our workshop offers you the opportunity to:
1. Differentiate Low and high quality Batik and understand the prices that varies through the different qualities of batik.

2. Have a better understanding of how Batik is made by using the traditional tools and techniques and understanding the process of making batik.

3. Create your own Batik design the traditional way with our templates provided. Participants are able to improvise through their own creativity as well.

4. Understand the meanings and taboos of the Batik “motifs”.

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