Flamenco Tango

Flamenco Tango

from 145.00

As the name implies, Poppy's flowers do dance! We dance the wild and invigorating Flamenco dance here like this bouquet.

Not only are the tangerine hues unpredictable, the joy and lightness it brings to a wedding is refreshing too.

An ultimate selection for a joyful bride that will leap a dance in her step as she marches in to the love of her life.

Poppy's distinctive style not only creates the look you are seeking, it resonates with the persona of the you and your partner, and that is something to bring along in your most beautiful day.  That is, a creation of how both your hearts will dance and sing together.

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The flower arrangement in the photo shown is luxurious. 

Flower types are for references only. We will always use the freshest seasonal flowers available to help create the look you have chosen. Should you wish to inquire or customise any particular bloom / colour, let us know when you are filling in the form in the next step.

Instead of a bouquet bag, more flowers and foliages will be used for the finishing of Bridal Bouquets. It will be completed with a ribbon tie. 

Prices stated are in USD.

Approximate diameter:

Petite  20cm - 24cm

Classic  25cm - 28cm

Luxurious  29cm - 32cm