Let's do the flower dance

I love collaborating with my clients. Doing up beautiful weddings and spectacular events.  

While talking through ideas with clients, I love for that "feeling" moment where we really begin to connect and bring forth more inspirations in our discussions. I love that moment with each of my clients. I love also getting to know just a bit more about each client that I work with, and then I can arrange flowers, the concepts and the feel of things in a way that I feel represents them. 

 Poppy Flora Studio

Poppy Flora Studio

It will be easy to appreciate if you can understand how we seek to encompass the totality of the works, flowers, the art of arranging and styling.

Flowers changes with the seasons.. so does my inspiration. This is the uniqueness about the flower industry that keeps me going in my work. I love taking inspiration from nature herself and incorporating that into my flower works.  Flowers have always been a part of who I am. I dances with Flowers pretty much :).   My love for working with flowers was spilling out of me, and I really liked that when my client could feel that.

I always like that my work was inspired by nature.  Dance a happy flower dance with nature.  I don’t like to go into a project with a projected outcome, and I cannot let my creativity run in a cookie-cutter mode.  I just let the flowers bloom and be appreciated.  And the best will always and sure to happen.

I work best in moments of unscripted flower mess, and it’s not difficult to see my studio in a big flower mess. Flowers coming to me in cartons and leaving a heap of stems and withering leaves on the floor that I have to step through on wedding and event days.  The excitement of these chaos comes from only one element and that is --- the beautiful flower. 

I thrive on romancing the flowers for weddings and events.  For many it is the only time we welcome the kind of time, effort, talent, and resources that can produce a high level artistic experience into our real lives.. with flowers.

 Poppy Flora Studio

Poppy Flora Studio

I've heard someone said - A well composed wedding should be like a movie but better because it can engage all your senses. There should be sections that rise and build, sections that let you wander...climaxes, and rest. It should be a feast for your eyes, ears, nose, tastebuds, body, and soul. It's more than just "decorating" or picking out chairs and linens and flowers. So true....  Every element is deliberate. Every detail is intentional and contributing to the moment. And I want to create moments that move people, and connect them magically to each other and to your event.

I get most excited about creating weddings that are intimate, artful, and spectacular...but in a more understated way.

That's why I don't approach your wedding or any clients'  events like a daily chore - it's a day that is truly special to you and I ike to create that.

If you are on the same page as me, I would be happy to make that connection with you!

Warmly, Sarah