I work with This woman

So here it goes, I am Sarah and she is Heather, we've both came to know each other when Heather was actively looking for a change of direction in her career path.

For an eventful 13 years of my entrepreneurship, I’ve journeyed alone and despite great success, I know I do not want to carry on alone. I craved for a change that would allow me to solely balance off the load and creativity with someone as passionate.   In fact I wanted it to keep going for another 13 good years if not more.   So, I decided to rope in someone who could offer new blood and someone not in the floristry industry.  I clearly know, I needed not just an assistant, BUT a reliable and dependable partner….

Someone, who could brainstorm with me, assist me, and dive into this roller coaster ride with me, in her thoughts, works and comments, all done in good, constructive honesty.

 This is Heather, with a trolley full of flowers

This is Heather, with a trolley full of flowers

Heather, in my eyes, is a good craftswoman in paper and fabrics. An excellent self-taught penmen. She shares my loves to create, to feel and connect with nature, the immerse love for flowers and faunas. She is a lover of all beautiful moments and things. Also a keeper of quality and tasteful revelations.

With a couple of years working as a fashion designer, and now as a Floral Enthusiast with me. Heather brings a wealth of expertise in all things visual and experiential.  Her transition into floral and events happened just this one year, having met with me, I found that we have common passions, drive and dreams for the future. What’s more, our expertise complimented each other in infinite ways, and now, she became my “partner in Floral Crimes”. 

We will continue to bring along with us - new interests and musings that we've cultivated along the way.   And my heartest thanks and appreciation for Heather for being able to share this common dream, passion and drive with me and being the woman I work with.

Warmly, Sarah