bridal 101

Bridal 101 Class conducted by The Poppy Flower School - Sarah@Poppy


say 'i do' to my floral style

"I see myself as an arbiter of taste." 

- Vera Wang


Course Objective

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A 6hr intensive class for all things bridal. Students will be learning the tricks & techniques to make their very own Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid Bouquet, Boutonniere, Wrist Corsages, & Table Centrepiece.

Suitable for all brides-to-be who aspire to make their very own bridal bouquet; floral enthusiasts who wish to learn the secrets in making the perfect bridal flowers; anyone who is fascinated by the bridal & floral world.

No prior experience needed. All tools & materials will be provided. 



Sarah has been teaching and innovating Floral Art for the past 16 years, with a constant fuel to always exceed and redefine all expectations, including her own. Instead of living a life with all the wonderful knowledge to herself and creating a generation of eager artist that hungrily competes with one another, the founder of Poppy wish to foster a community of Creative Floral Enthusiasts. In the world of  florals, Sarah is regarded as one of the masters of nature-inspired design. Her style is not only aesthetically beautiful and artistic; it is always with intent to inspire. 

She has been on several floral exchange programs in Australia, Atlanta, Indonesia and Hong Kong and her floral pieces have been featured in publications such as Magnolia Rouge, Once Wed, Style Wedding, The Wedding Scoop, Her World Brides, Female Brides,Harpers Bazaar, Home and Decor & The Straits Time.

why you should learn from the flower school?

A full-fledge Bridal floral class is hard to find in Singapore and Poppy is one of the first to introduce an intensive module that teaches you most of the key floral elements in a wedding. With more than 16 years of experience in the industry, Sarah has done countless of weddings and she is a master at curating bespoke bridal bouquets that are varied in styles and themes. Poppy's bridal bouquets are also highly sought after by brides who seeks to have something unique and artistic, hence you can expect to learn not only the skills, techniques but the ART of it.

Hear from Poppy's student...

"Such a fulfilling class! 6hrs definitely not for the faint hearted but I did not regret a second at all. It is rare to find a mentor that is as candid and experienced as Sarah. Poppy is the way to go! I would love to come back for more classes ^^!!"

- Janice Kimberly Chee

"Sarah taught me everything I need to know to DIY my own bridal bouquet & bridesmaid's hand bouquet! It was definitely harder than it looks but Sarah makes it look so simple! haha! Well, under her professional guidance, I think I've managed to pick up pretty well too!" 

- Gina



since 2000, We have coached OVER 1107 ARTISTS & counting...




“I want to shout out, do what you please, follow your star, be original if you want to be and don’t if you don’t want to be. Just be natural and gay and lighthearted and pretty and simple and overflowing and general and baroque, and learn and learn and learn. 

Open your mind to every form of beauty.”

- Constance Spry

Bridal 101

USD 1,000 includes photography session, Bridal Bouquet, Bridesmaid Bouquet, Boutonniere, Wrist Corsages, and Table Centerpiece.

Classes are available on Every Tuesday (Morning, from 11:30am), Every Friday (Morning, from 11:30am) and Every Saturday (Morning, from 11am). There are limited slots for all classes, kindly email us to book your slot at least 1 week in advance.

*If you are unable to attend your class due to valid reasons, please drop us an email with at least 3 days notice for assistance with rescheduling of class otherwise the booked class would be forfeited.You shall complete the class within 2 months; and all deposits & payment for classes are not refundable.